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About the Adventure

When a sad, wet, little Jack Russell puppy called Max arrives at a magical old house under very mysterious circumstances in the middle of the night, no one is very surprised, even when he announces that he can fly! He is warmly greeted by Meg, a Westie of well rounded and some might say generous proportions, who lives at the old house with the old woman known to everyone as Grandma.

Meg too has dreams of her own. She dreams of becoming a ballerina one day and dancing at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. She will be wearing the palest pink tutu with sequins on the bodice and, of course, a beautiful glittering tiara on her head. She often talks about all this and other important matters to the little willow tree that stands at the end of Grandma’s large and rambling garden. The little tree is also the only one who knows Meg’s other important secrets and guards them faithfully beneath its tangled roots. The adventures that follow in and around the magical garden and nearby forest are assisted not only by all the dogs of the forest but also an ancient dynasty of crows led by Alderbaron Sir Worstnip of the Blackwing Dynasty of Grand Crows and the Very Reverend Cuthbert of the Yellowtoes and Miss Agneta Stickybeak of the Blue Leg Crows. She is a very self important old crow who wears ridiculous hats!
They were all from the grand council of crows who protect the forest.

The friends rally together to carry out a daring rescue with the help of dogs from the past and present. Legends of the forest are made and remembered forever. The mystery of Grandma and her old house are just that……
a mystery!